The entering ceremony

This words mean ”The entering ceremony of KEIO University, department of correspondence education”

I participated the entering ceremony of University at Tokyo two days ago.

I wrote the things previous my blog I got a success letter from KEIO University(慶應大学) last time.

There were many new students who are from any other prefectures in Japan, approximately over 700 students. 

Freshmans gathered and waiting a university hall .

Including me, most of them have their own job or occupation because we are using ”home schooling system or correspondence education” which is learning own major at home mostly. 

Therefore, you have to study your major on your own way. Acutually it’s really difficult to graduate KEIO university(only department of correspondence education) rather any other university, for instance only 10〜15% of all freshmans will be able to graduate or take dgree 4 years later.  The overwhelming likelihood is the our plans to get degree will fail, I think. Professers would reject a reports immediately if I’d write cheep reports or legume.

It’s definitely important for me to make a schedule and strategy to study during a year. Let’s get down to work!

I’ll work harder to get batler degree, and keep on rocking at free world!!

(Next my blog, I will write details of the experiences around Tokyo.)


I became a University Student!!!

I became a University Student!!!

 This my success letter, I got it at 29 March 2017.

I got a successletter from University a week ago!

A half year ago, Idecided to become a university student who chose major of Economy because I’dlike to understand to manage to my hospital as well as treating our patientsevery day. 


It was opportunityto decide to choose major of Economy was my boss who is Occupational Therapist got a MBA 2 years ago. Those days, my hospital had been not good runningaccounting and financial situation, and our colleagues quitted so that they areable to get the high salary and better working places. However, after he became a boss he could change our working circumstances. He had made a lot ofStrategies to improve our hospital financial problems. Finally recently ourhospital made better profits


To me, I had to treat my patients who mostly have diagnosis of Stroke every day because I’m a physical therapist, only I’m a physical therapist, I didn’t have abilities of understanding how to manage to run hospital. Gradually I thought about his achievements and how to use Strategies to improve our working circumstances such a short time he could. That’s the main reason why I decided to become a student of University to learn other major. 


Please let me show the History of Japan and this University I knew University which sent me success letter called Keio University(慶応大学) is one of the most traditional School since 1858. Those days, Japan had just changed our mind from Samurai era to Modern era, dramatically. Yukichi Hukuzawa(福澤諭吉) who made Keio University at 1858, he is one of the most famous sophisticated Japanese person. Also including me, Japanese everybody knows him because his face printed in ¥10,000. In 1868, probably you know, Japan closed our gate to board and trade toward foreign countries. Until opened gate, Japanese didn’t know things about foreign countries and they were wear the Kimono with Japanese Swords. It’s called SAMURI. But a few sophisticated persons including Yukichi Hukuzawa who knew the abroad had been worried about Japanese situations because US or UK and a lot of countries prepare to have power to protect themselves and occupy east Asian countries. Therefore after US Navy’s commander Perry visited in Japan before 1868, Japanese Civil fighting happened to open our gate to communicate foreign countries. So, finally 1868, the end of Edo era (Samurai era), also were begging of Meiji era(Modern era).

This pic is Keio University at Tokyo which arcitecter was affected by abroad. The top of gate writtten his favorite words,”CALAMVS GLADIO FORTIOR- The pen is mightier than the sword. ”

He is Yukichi Hukuzawa. (This bill is mine, haha!)

US Navy’s Commander,Matthew Calbraith Perry finally opened the gate of Japanese trading. This pic Matthew Calbraith Perry firstlly visited in Japan 1853.

After 1868, Japanese had been learning a lot of major made by foreign countries dramatically to construct strong country. But wihin100 years Japanese fought Russia and China, and US during WWⅡ. Japanese lose WWⅡ, our grandfathers and grandmothers hadhard experienced of Atomic bomb in August 6 1945. After WWⅡ, Japanese had been struggling to re-construct our land to manage to live our life each other. And now, I’m living in Japan where our ancestors made. 
 Anyway, to me I’m very happy to learn in Keio University while doing my job everyday. Using home schooling system is definitely good for me to learn major of economy because I’m living in Kyoto city, I can’t visit to University where is located Tokyo, consecutive days. It takes over 6 hours to drive from Kyoto to Tokyo where is capital city. And It’s one of the most important thing for me is I have to treat my patients at my hospital. 


In Japan, everybody tend to think “Weird” to go to University if you enter the University when your age is over 30s, because Japanese go to University during early 20’s or at least until become 30’s. But…..a lot of my precious English teachers think about learning, and said to me like that, “It’s not late to learn something.” I think that it’s very different style to tend to go to University between foreigners and Japanese. 

To me, after healing their courage, I don’t care about my age to learn something. I’d like to accept my thinking and I want to open my mind new world as well as Yukichi Hukuzawa made innovation to construct my Country over 150 years ago in Keio University. 

I got a certification

Two Days ago, I became CPR Certified by the American Heart Association. 

Do you know about CPR(Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)??  If you find the poeple who don’t breath or heart beating in the city or somthing, you should start BLS(Basic Life Support) or using AED….

My working cercumstances is in hospital, I always have to preper to treat the patients who need emargency care, everytime and everymoments.

That’s the main reason why I tryed to get certification of ACLS(Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support). It’s made by American Heart Association, and if you get the card or successfully completed the skills examinations, you can do ACLS at the places all over the world.

The candidats are 5 of Anesthesiologist Dr and me(my occupation is Pysical therapist, instructer is Emergency medical technician.

You have to read the wave of ECG for example VF or VT which are problems of heart beating and you must certainly choice the medicine and decision to next doing imidiately to get ROSC(return of spontaneous circulation.

To me, it’s lucky to get a text written by Japanese(transrated from Eng to Japanese), I could study it efficiently.


It was definitely difficult for me to understdnd about cardiovascular care and support…
Fortunatly I passed examination and skill test, I got a certification of ACLS, however I’ll try to keep learning Cardiovascular care for my patients.

I’ll try to get a PALS(Pediatric ALS) this year!!!

Learning foreign language

The video I always watching for learning as well as my interesting. It’s called Series of American Chopper.

It’s surprising for me that time fly so fast when I started learning English about 2years ago. I was told by my Boss 2 years ago like that “ You have to translate these med articles right now as possible as you can!!” I had to get the certification of approaches for Parkinson’s disease, but to get this certification I had to learn English because it came from US. My experiences of learning English is during only junior high to high school, about 6 years in particularly learning grammar or reading some sentences for taking examinations as same everyone. And I was not interested in learning it and hate it because I didn’t have opportunities to use it for my working or not having foreigner friends, definitely not!! But it has been only listening to abroad music genres rather than Japanese pop genres when I was 12~13 years old, the Beatles, U2, Jamiroquai, Jimi Hendlix and Miles Davis and more. Only the abroad music genres had been relate with me using English (But I couldn’t hear what they say or lyrics, so I didn’t understand it. However it’s OK for me because I want to the atmospheres of music). 

That’s main reason why I started learning English. Firstly, I read the book which is written how to learn English for Japanese. This book said that, “ If you get ability of using English, you have to learn approximately over 1,000 hours at least. Hearing same English sentences or video, talking with foreigners, Writing and Reading sentences each other it has to take 1,000 hours. Only you have to do over 1,000 hours but generally the Japanese who are learning can’t do it. Because they change how to learn immediately before they use to hear or speak same passage completely. So if you can, you have to watch same Video which you have interesting until you can hear wards what US or foreigners say and you can speak it. As well as you want to get another certifications or licenses, you have to study how to do over 1,000 hours”

I read that book, I selected the Video with English Sub, Which title was American Chopper series produced by Discovery Channel from US. This video which show constructing Bike by American family’s Co, it’s called Orange County Choppers, probably you know. I’ve liked this video since 20 years, so I selected this Video and watching over and over again. 2 years passed, I’ve watched this video, over 1,000 hours!! Nowadays, I can hear what they say without Sub, I could memory and study how to use each circumstances.

Secondly I used application of communicating with foreigners, in particularly this Word Press is good for me to use English except my first language. Those days when I started writing this my Blog, I couldn’t write it without dictionary and it took 2~3 hours until I finish writing it completely. But in recently even if I mistake writing sentence and wards, gradually I can write what I think easily without dictionary than before.

Fortunately I got a certification of Re- habilitation technic after passed examination.   

Simply, thinking about learning language for Japanese including me, I think that we don’t have much time to study it, and give up before they have to memory a few sentence.


As for me, on my way to learn foreign language, I found my next goal which is becoming a member of JICA(Japan International Cooperation Agency )for developing countries to support technical helping as a Physical Therapist next year. I didn’t think that I had the kind of my goal before I started learning English seriously 2 years ago. 

This is a list of countries require to support by published by JICA. There are so many countries have been needed to take helpping technical support. For example, islands of south pasifc or the Middle East and South & Central America.

Learning language gave me next door to act as Therapist than I expected. Next time to get certification of becoming a member of JICA, I have to learn English mare than ever!!

神戸パワー! Kobe gave me energy

This is chinese tea leaves. It’s called ” 普洱茶、Pu’ercha. ” Pu’ercha was fermented at least 3 years until it make good taste. Tea leaves were wrapped like a ball one by one, so that you can make a cap of tea, one portion easily using one ball.

What a cute Chinese tea leaves balls!!

I bought in China Town at Kobe(神戸市), where city of Hyogo prefectures today. It took about 2h to ride rapid express train from Kyoto where I’m living in city. Probably you know, Kobe has been built the city as a harbor since 1868. This year it was so important year for Japanese to open the door to communicate with abroad. Before 1868, Japan national indication of business was not completely communicate with abroad from approximate 1600 to 1868. It’s called Tokugawa era.) In particularly those days, only Dutch and Chinese could go over border, therefore Japanese had been affected by learning of Chinese and Dutch than any other countries those days.

So, Just it was 1868, there was special coo by some of the warriors and Samurai who had spirits of renew the national indications. Finally the politics broken by them and Japan has started opening the door toward foreign countries since 1868. First opening harbors where were Kobe, and Yokohama (it’s the city near Tokyo). Did you know the Tokugawa era?? (You can feel the era watching movie Last Samurai acting by Tom Cruise and Ken Watanabe. Ken Watanabe  is the most famous actor in Japan. Last Samurai was made by Warner Brothers Co. 15years ago.)

What a cool his appearance is in acting Last Samurai!!  Ken Watanabe(渡辺謙 age 56) started learning English when he got the chance the acting on Last Samurai, his age was 43years old at that time. His preparation of learning tearm was only 5monthes! He is one of few Japanese actors who can speak English well. And he is my favorite Japanese actor.


Therefore Kobe has atmospheres of foreign countries and there are so many import and export Co Ltd near by harbor. In currently we can find so many Chinese, Korean, and from east-Asian around Kobe. I had lived in Kobe since 2007 to 2010, I could feel the atmosphere of positive energy the city captured and the people who lived were always kind to me and had soulful minds. I think that the people near by harbor, like Kobe, Yokohama, often open their mind toward surrenders than any other prefectures.
Entrance of Chinatown in Kobe city

So I want to go to Kobe if I got consecutive holidays or got time to relax. To relieve my anxiety and stress from working at hospital, I also think that we must need to have a break time to fly another sky and smell roses, you know. In Kobe, it’s just very shin day and lately summer breezes coming from the sea. There are so many Foreigners, it suits the atmosphere of exotic mood in city of Kobe. I’m listening to Bossa Nova tracks made by Brazilian artists I found 15years ago while writing this post, it makes me feel hurtful and kindly mind.
I think that I don’t care about the Good Music is always good whether it made by Japanese or not, age, gender, kind of genres… We had the greatest materials from Legend of the artist, he said that “ I would hire one if he could play like Lee Konitz, he had green eyes with red breath, it would be OK for me.” -Miles Davis-

This mood, at afternoon in Kobe, I definitely like it.


By the way, I went to the Tea shop in China Town because I wanted to buy the Chinese or Taiwanese Tea and try to taste it. There are so many shops which sell the Japanese green tea, however we can’t find shop of Chinese tea (leaves or ingredients) a lot in Japan. Fortunately I found one of the Taiwanese Tea shops in Chinatown, I asked the recommendation of the tea. The very beautiful lady answered to my questions but she wasn’t good at using Japanese well, I couldn’t understand her answer mostly. So I tried to talk by English to communicate with her although my English is definitely broken. She could speak English so fluently and she answered my questions, like difference of these tea taste or how to import from Taiwan to Japan, and how to make the tea. I was so amazing because I could talk with her used by English which is our second language than I expected. And she said to me, “I was learning English from friend who are British in Taiwan, there are so many opportunity to meet foreigners who speak English than in Japan. I got the skill of using English while talking with friend over and over again.

I has been trying to get ability to speak Japanese well but it’s so difficult because Japanese word or sentences always changes how to talk when I speak toward senior or younger. And although I could write Chinese characters because I’m Taiwanese but I have to write Japanese word, like Hiragana and Katakana, you know. “ And she kept talking to me, “ It’s easy to learn English than you expecting because the grammer is so simple and don’t have to memory the words or sentences a lot because when we talk with each other, we don’t use difficult words definitely, right?? I think that generally Japanese have shy minds, that’s main reason why Japanese couldn’t speak foreign language well?? How do you think about that??” 


Like she said to me, Japanese including me don’t tend to open our mind to strangers or foreigners as well. But Japanese have to learn English from junior high school, this is responsible learning by National indicates to learning in Japan. We has learning English since 8~10years, but we can’t use foreign languages mostly. Why can’t we use the foreign language? I think that reason why is how to learning English mostly writing and reading it than hearing and speaking. She tough me that the important things to get abilities of using language. I have to do with minds when I study English like” success been 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”.


As for me, my goal to speak English, I’d like to talk with people who use English as second or third language. That’s really good for me to understand our cultures and minds even if we could speak fluently or good pronunciation. I experienced the precious moment talking with her, what made me exert myself learning English more and more than ever.  

It’s my treasure

It’s my treasure which is one of my patient gifted to me his book several years ago. It’s traditional Japanese crests of Home or Family, what can express our family or individual in Japan.
Gradually we decorate our home mark on traditional cloth, behind the neck and both of nape of the neck. It’s called 家紋(Kamon).

But you can’t find easily it because it is very traditional things in Japan, if you were lucky you were in ceremony of wedding or something, you could find it where people are invited wore traditional Japanese clothes.

My patient whose age were about 80 years old when I cured him, were craftsman of making marks of home since his age 15years. Probably you know, there are many craftsman, like in particularly making clothes, leather, architectures. That historical minds of craftsman has been extended of arts and itself. Especially many craftsman have been extremely building their mind for over 1000years in Kyoto. Generally craftsman in Kyoto says, “Historically our working have to need to experience at least 500years…!!”

Kyoto is one of the most experienced of craftsman than any other prefectures. My home is Hiroshima prefectures, there aren’t traditional craftsman everywhere as long as I knew.

By the way, the crests of Home or Family were used at Battle fields mostly in Japan, those days about 600years ago it’s called 戦国時代(the era of civil battle in Japan 1467 to 1568 CE ). It’s very famous general names of Battle fields are 織田家、豊臣家、徳川家(Oda, Toyotomi, Tokugawa), for example 毛利家(Moori) had been dominant my home prefectures, Hiroshima those days. Generally generals expressed their home as their crests, used Chinese characters or flower or signals of natures which have meanings of worth or power of families.

For example, the crests of center of the lowermost is Hiroshima Itsukushima shrine’s (広島厳島神社) crests which is the World heritage.

We can’t have a lot of opportunity to feel the touch traditional things because we don’t have to need to know that in our living era, 2016. But I have been having opportunity to understand craftsman minds which has kept building their heritages by patients who were craftsman. Thera are so many Japanese treasures I’ve never seen everywhere.

 What kind of crasts do you like??

If you don’t mind, please try to find Home crests if you were in Japan.

made in China!!

This is my first time to take chinese tea ceremony in my home!! What a beautiful green leaves made by Taiwan or China, it’s called 凍頂 四季春茶(To cho shikiharu cha), one of Wu long tea which is fermant tea.

I could feel the good smell of 四季春茶 rather than Japanese green tea!! I’d like to know and try other kind of tea!!

 I’m watching Japanese atletes acting at Rio to enjoy tea flavor, haha!!

頑張れ‼︎ 日本‼︎

made in Japan

I’m currently drinking it!!

This is the most well-known and King of Japanese whisky, it’s called ”Kaku Bin” means whisky in square bottle since 1937 made by Suntory which is one of the most famous Japanese liquor inc. 

Althouh I like the most whisky of Single Scotch made by lslay like BOWMORE, but l definitely think that Japanese brended whisky is very tasteful and easy to enjoy drinking time!

 If you don’t mind, and if you find Kaku-Bin, please try it!!

I feel good!!

My keeping CDs at hand I’ve selected in my room. I selled my CDs approximate 500CDs about 5 years ago. In resently I don’t need to buy it because I can listen to tracks with quality on Youtube or another channel than ever.

I’ve been busy days since last month, doing rehabilitation for our patients, making daily patients scedules(I’m not a manager!) and confirming appointment patients family, preparation for Examination of the national qualification and translation abroad med articles(I’m not a traslator!! and I’m not good at using English!!) for our rehabilitation reserches every day every day….!!  

It has very busy days, I felt satisfaction because I could do it than I expected this month.
Today, I’m off day.  

Listening music only can relieve my mind at my home, not actually going trip so far.

In Japan, summer season has come, I’d like to feel SEA Breeze, I often select Roots reggae music(60s〜70s’) or Chill out mix of Cafe de mal which Ibiza iland’s DJ selected.

So, other my select, Jazz, Rock, or Funk genres are so good. Particulary in night or migdnight I often listen to HipHop made by late 80s to mid 90s, I think it’s HipHop Golden era.

One of my having CDs. It’s good!!

The moment I turn on bluetooth of Bose speaker(I don’t select speaker definitly) my room can change another world!! I think music is able to fly my heart so far away while being in the house. Feeling another sky with good music, my stress would relieve gradually before I realize.

How do you relieve your stress??

different way

Today, my off day, I went to Lake which is one of biggest any other in Japan. Comfortable Summer breeze blew around there, there are few people enjoyed doing BBQ, swimmnig, talking with each other along shore.

I felt precious view by listening music, particulary late 60s to 70s Reggae and reading the books which are not my job, Rehabilitation because I always thinking about every moments what I got to do next for my patients or what happened yesterday and ago. The problem for me with being in the same place always being in the same time is my world becomes smaller, I think.

So that’s why sometimes I want to escape another place which I’ve never known in my own  heart.

In recently beautiful scenery, like landscape of Sea, Lake, and Mountain can relive my heart than ever. 

Moreover, it’s really good for me to enjoy the many genres of music, and little liqure by my side. think these kind of things push me or challenge me to expand my horizons.
I’ll go away in a little travel and try to go to somewhere or some place different, not so far in Japan. And try to exprience something I’d never experience in my mind.